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Weather Up is the 2.0 update of Weather Atlas. We took everything we learned from Weather Atlas and rewrote much of the app to improve usability, fix lingering issues, and enable powerful new features. So much has changed, we thought a whole new name was more fitting than merely incrementing the app to 2.0.

Event Forecasts is the marquee feature of Weather Up. Grant calendar access and Weather Up will display forecasts for your upcoming events. It’s one of those features you never quite knew you needed, but once you start using it you never want to go back. It’s fantastic for things like kids’ soccer practice and other outdoor events, but it’s also handy just to see what the weather’s going to be like when you have to walk or drive to appointments.

The app also features gorgeous new weather icons that will brighten your day. They look so good, in fact, that we created a new in-app shop where users can buy Weather Up merchandise. (The shop is also available at

Mapping is another area where Weather Up really shines. There’s the standard radar and cloud layers, but also temperature, humidity, precipitation accumulation. Then there’s the warning layers: everything from thunderstorm and tornado warnings to hurricane and tropical tracks.

Launch date: 11/16/18 10AM PST

App Store: (Free download. Weather Up PRO: $9.99/yr or $1.99/mo)

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