Apps that stand out.

Our secret to creating exceptional apps: be the user. As software developers, it’s tempting to create flashy, elaborate apps. But as users, we know that a familiar interface and carefully crafted features will make our apps a pleasure to use.

We use our own apps every day and constantly refine them based on feedback from our users and our own high standards for great apps.

Contrast was founded in 2008 as App Cubby. Since before there was an App Store, we’ve been building apps that feel like they’re made for human hands, just like Apple devices themselves.

Our apps have been featured by Apple and just about every tech and lifestyle site, including MacStories, The Loop, CNN, Wired, GQ, Macworld, Lifehacker, The Verge, MacRumors, iMore, 9to5Mac, TechCrunch, ReadWrite, TUAW, The Next Web, Daring Fireball, and more.


David Barnard

As neither a designer nor a developer, David is a bit of an anomaly as the founder and sole employee of Contrast (née App Cubby). From accounting and marketing to art directing and QA testing, David does whatever it takes to build the apps he wants to use. He guides the development process in a way similar to how a producer collaborates with musicians to create an album. That’s not a coincidence. Before building software, David was an audio engineer and spent years in a recording studio.

David has been building apps for the iPhone since day one. His first app, Trip Cubby, launched in August 2008, and he and a talented crew of collaborators have been building and iterating on apps ever since. David also writes and speaks about app development and life in the App Store.

You can get in touch with David @, follow him on Twitter, @drbarnard, or endure his rants on Tumblr.


Justin Youens

With a background in web development for ad agencies, Justin began building iOS apps the moment Apple released the iPhone SDK in 2008. He is the co-creator of Launch Center Pro and handles other miscellaneous coding projects for Contrast. You can get in touch with Justin @, or follow him on Twitter, @youens.

Julien Martin

After years working in print, Julien discovered an unquenchable passion for icon and interface design while working with startups in New York City. He is the design genius behind Perfect Weather and contributes to other Contrast projects. You can get in touch via contact @

William Szilveszter

William has a degree in psychology (human factors and cognition). He loves Apple and works almost exclusively with iOS. He handled the interface for Timer, brought to life, and continues to lend his various skills to other Contrast projects. You can see his portfolio at or follow him on Twitter, @ck5um.

Brock Batsell

Brock is a web developer and jack-of-all-trades. He helps run the quality assurance program on all of Contrast’s apps, maintains Contrast’s websites, and keeps Launch Center Pro’s action composer up to date. You can read his ramblings on or follow him on Twitter, @bbatsell.