Weather Up Press Kit


Weather Up 3.0 brings at-a-glance, interactive widgets right to your Home Screen. It’s like having a full weather app… on your Home Screen!

With 3.0 we’re also launching a full-featured, watchOS 10 optimized Apple Watch app and complications.

Weather Up now supports 3 different forecast sources (Apple Weather, AerisWeather, and AccuWeather) so that users can pick the most accurate one for their location. Or even compare all 3 forecasts right on the Home Screen with multiple widgets.

Unlike many other weather apps, we take privacy seriously. Location data is only used to display local weather forecasts. It’s never sold, used for targeting, or even associated with personally identifiable information. We intentionally don’t collect any personal data and even delete IP addresses from our servers as soon as a data request is complete. We also use those servers to anonymize all external requests so that third parties can’t associate an IP address with precise location data.

Launch: Thursday, January 25th at 10AM PST

App Store: ($40 per year or $4 per month)
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